eCommerce FAQ

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Will my virtual store accept unlimited products?
Your Web Cart can grow with your business from selling a product to thousands of varieties of products and services.
And what about Domains and Hosting?
We can help you to select and obtain a domain and hosting suitable for your business.
Can users comment and evaluate products and services?
This feature can be enabled or disabled.
Can our eCommerce store sell on Facebook?
Yes, we can also configure your store linked to platforms like Ebay and Amazon.
Can I offer coupons, discounts and gift cards?
Yes, they are extremely to build a clientele.  You can enable or disable this feature as well.
Can I make international transactions and support other languages besides english?
Certainly, every marketing strategy should be focused on the area you want to advertise your products and services.
Can my clients book appointments or subscribe to my newsletter?
Allow your clients to book appointments for your services without leaving your website. They also have the option to subscribe to their products and pay weekly or monthly.
Can you export purchases and customer list?
Export your purchase orders and customer list to a CSV format.