Norvaweb opened in 2004 with a vision to make technology useful and simple for small and medium businesses. “Today our Digital Agency has turned into a group of professionals filled with enthusiasm about developing your digital marketing strategy to reach and attract new clients to your business.  That’s our goal.

Our team is composed by Programmers, Designers, Community Managers, Graphic Designers, Translators and together with an Administrator, a Lawyer and Bookkeepers

This is part of our history and our team


He is in charge of delivering all final marketing products and services to keep our clients happy with the Agency.  As an Economist, his long experience developing projects enable him to guide our Digital Agency toward new levels of excellence and professionalism.

Chief Administrative

She reviews, develops and implements Agency policies, budgets and financial reports.  Teresa believes in keeping a clear communication with clients from the very first contact for a long term healthy relationship.

Computer engineer

This charismatic superhero has the power in his fingers, develops your project with the highest possible excellence, uses languages such as PHP and Javascript and handles all our WordPress challenges.  Leo has the ability and intelligence to adapt any code.

Server Administrator

Alfonzo is our Server Administrator.   He loves to learn and expand his knowledge base.   He also develops mobile applications. His passion is mostly gear toward the latest technologies such as, MeteorJS and MongoDB.

Computer System Engineer

He is successful at his job. He is an expert on JavaScript and he always works with the best technology and effects in record time.

Graphic Designer.

This superhero illustrates your ideas in a piece of paper and on the web in a matter of the seconds. He has great skills in Illustrator and Photoshop. He is really patient and he will not leave you alone until your project is done.

Graphic Designer

He is the man that makes your projects look very cool and original. Saul has an eagle eye for good ideas, and is full of creativity and color, with the ability to transform a simple visual concept into an incredible marketing material.

Executive Assistant

Our team enjoys her huge arsenal of skills, which is able to create solutions successfully. Diannelly is good at organizing, planning and analyzing.Her feelings are always at the highest level and her energy never dies until her job is done.

Journalist and Brand Content Manager

This heroine uses her creativity to take our company to other cyberspace levels. She can handle with stressful situations, thus you will not lose the direction of your objective at any.


Her passion for photography and social media takes our primary objectives to the Web. This Super heroine is an expert on planning which in turn will get ready your web project in a record time.


They are in charge of protecting your rights and interests,  and at the same time they guide our Agency to follow proper guidelines.


They help us to take control over the administrative and financial  management numbers in a professional and efficient way. You as a client will be in good hands at the moment you decide to work with us.