Glencoco's sales focus for its B2B marketplace has focused on developing infrastructure, including same-day payments for qualified meetings, call analytics and recordings for quality assurance and training, and scheduling, the company says.

A B2B marketplace for linking together sales professionals with companies in need of sales help is now live. The marketplace, operated by Glencoco, is backed by $3 million in new funding from investors.

Glencoco provides the tools, software and interface for companies to list campaigns on its marketplace. It also allows business development consultants to source sales-qualified meetings. They can then submit those meetings to companies on a flexible, gig-remote basis.

This includes embedding elements of sales productivity tools into the platform, such as a phone dialer, calendar scheduling and sales training modules. The intent is to then enable outbound freelance prospectors with campaigns uploaded by enterprise companies on the platform.

What Glecoco’s B2B marketplace for sales resources includes

Glencoco has focused on developing infrastructure in its B2B marketplace. Sales-related resources will be accompanied by these features. Examples include same-day payments for qualified meetings, call analytics and recordings for quality assurance and training, and scheduling, the company says.

The funding round was led by Felicis and Crossbeam. Participants included Liquid 2 Ventures, Browder Capital, SOMA Capital and Gold House Ventures.


“Their platform is a game-changer in the world of sales and marketing,” says Felicis general partner Niki Pezeshki. “By providing a marketplace connecting outbound callers with innovative companies looking to scale, Glencoco is empowering businesses to grow their pipelines and revenue streams.”

Glencoco’s business plan

For revenue, Glencoco takes a 30% take rate of every qualified meeting that is passed through the platform, the company says. Glencoco says it currently has 40 B2B customers and over 7,000 sign-ups for individual salespeople.

“I also saw how challenging staffing these teams can be for both small companies due to lack of budget or resources to provide infrastructure and large companies,” says Glencoco CEO Ingwon Chae. “The average tenure of said hires is 6-9 months, which means that if you have a team of 100 outbound sales reps, in about a year’s time, they’ll all be gone.”

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