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Ecommerce Databases are a single access point to raw financial and performance data on businesses that sell online. Each year, our researchers collect and compile key metrics, like web sales, traffic, payments, vendors and more, on thousands of global ecommerce businesses and organize them into rankings by total annual web sales.

We currently provide ecommerce data on the following areas:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Global Online Marketplaces


For over 20 years, thousands of retailers, investors and technology providers have turned to Digital Commerce 360’s research and data to help build and expand their digital business.

Our Ecommerce Databases can help you:

  • Determine market sizing and geographic locations
  • View current technology providers and prospect new clients
  • Explore financial acquisitions
  • Gather information on specific merchant categories, operations, marketing and more

Here are some examples:

  • Get quick information about an individual retailer’s web sales, growth, what they sell, where they’re based, or dig even deeper into shopper demographics or percentage of traffic from abroad.
  • Pull a list of the leading vendors in a particular category or where a vendor stands in areas such as ecommerce platforms, order management, etc.
  • Compile critical financial metrics like conversion rates and average order values.
  • Filter retailers by category or, even further, by merchant types. For example, explore web-only apparel retailers.
  • Compare groups of retailers by size. For example, how many retailers ranked 1-100 accept Bitcoin versus those ranked 901-1,000.



Digital Commerce 360 offers access to a variety of Ecommerce Databases, each providing an essential view of online retailing around the world.

North American Databases 

Top 500 Retailers
Leading 500 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
[Web sales range: $140 million to $373 billion]

Top 1000 Retailers
Leading 1,000 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
[Web Sales Range: $41 million to $373 billion]

Next 1000 Retailers
Online retailers ranked 1,001-2,000 by annual web sales
[Web Sales Range: $1 million to $41 million] 

North American Retailer Starter Kit
#1 Prospecting Tool for Service Providers
List of the leading 2,000 online retailers* across North America
[Web Sales Range: $1 million to $373 billion]

*Contact us to request the lists in Excel or the rights to load into a CRM or other database.  

International Databases 

Global Online Marketplaces
Top 100 global online marketplaces, ranked by annual third-party GMV
[Web Sales Range: $19 million to over $700 billion]

Europe’s leading 500 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
[Web Sales Range: $20.5 million to $22.4 billion]

Asia’s leading 300 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
[Web Sales Range: $50 million to $99 billion]

Latin America
Latin America’s leading 250 online retailers, ranked by annual web sales
[Web Sales Range: $1 million to over $4 billion]

International Retailer Starter Kit
#1 Prospecting Tool for Service Providers
List of the leading 1,100 online retailers* across Europe, Asia and Latin America
[Web Sales Range: $1 million to over $99 billion]

*Contact us to request the lists in Excel or the rights to load into a CRM or other database.  

Once you select your Ecommerce Database, choose from one of these plan options:

The “Pro” plan includes exact web sales, up to 5 years of historical sales, regional sales, conversion rates and average order values. You also receive multiple user licenses and data export functions.  
The “Standard” plan includes web sales ranges and basic company profiles. This data is read-only, single-user and does not include data export functions.  

Compare database plans side-by-side!

Click on each database to see a detailed breakout of what’s included in each plan:  

Top 500 Databases    |    Top 1000 Databases    |   Next 1000 Databases
Europe Databases    |   Asia Databases    |   Latin America Databases
Global Online Marketplaces Databases


What’s included in our Ecommerce Databases: 

  • 1 Year Web Sales Range (Up to 5 Years Exact Sales in Pro Database Plans)  
  • Company Information  
  • Customer Service and Marketing Data  
  • Shipping, Mobile and Omnichannel Data  
  • Payments and Operational Data  
  • Shopper Profiles  
  • Technology Vendor Information  
  • Website Traffic & Features 

Snapshot of the Top 1000 Pro Database: 




No other company collects ecommerce data to the extent that we do. 

Digital Commerce 360 researchers take a unique, journalistic approach to gathering financial and performance data on both public and private retailers across the globe.  

By maintaining trusted relationships and open lines of communication, we’re able to track hundreds of metrics on thousands of online retailers each year, including web sales, conversion rates, average tickets and much more.  

Our researchers use a variety of data collection methods, including interviews, surveys, emails, research and public documents to keep our data current and we make any necessary adjustments throughout the year.  

We are proud to serve thousands of businesses and professionals like you and remain dedicated to producing the most accurate and reliable ecommerce data available today. 


For more than two decades, Digital Commerce 360 has been a trusted partner and source of research and data collection for many of the world’s top ecommerce brands. We serve industries related to retail, B2B, financial services, manufacturers, distributors and consumer brands and the technology vendors that power them. 

Here is a small sample size of the companies that rely on our research and data: 


Interested in FREE research and data?

Contact us to learn about our surveys and see if you qualify for free research and data in exchange for submitting your company’s data.

Giveaways for submitting your data:

  • Free one-year access to the database corresponding to your submission (a $1095 value) 
  • One-year Silver Membership (a $695 value) 


Learn why Digital Commerce 360 is the leader in global ecommerce research and data.   

Take a 2-minute tour of our Ecommerce Databases: 


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Is the information in Digital Commerce 360’s Ecommerce Databases available for external projects or reporting? 

Yes! Contact us with information on the data you’d like to cite, and any other details you’d like to discuss, and a member of our team will be in touch. 


What’s the difference between Standard Ecommerce Databases and Pro Ecommerce Databases? 

Our Ecommerce Databases are divided into two plans to offer flexibility in pricing and accessibility.   

Standard Ecommerce Databases include web sales ranges, company profiles, technology vendors and other limited financial metrics. Access is read-only and single user. 

Pro Ecommerce Databases include exact web sales, historical sales figures, sales broken out by regions, conversion rates and average order values and more extensive metrics. In addition, Pro includes multiple user-licenses to share data easily with colleagues and data export capabilities. 

View & Compare Metrics  


How much do Pro Ecommerce Databases cost? 

Contact us to schedule a free demo and discuss special pricing. 


Is any research or data available for free?

Yes! Visit our survey page to see what’s available and find out if you qualify for free research and data in exchange for submitting your company’s data. 


Are free demos available?  

Yes! Contact us to schedule a personal demo of our ecommerce databases.  


Are research reports included? 

Research reports published by Digital Commerce 360 are available in the following formats: 

  1. Individual Purchase – Available for $399-499 each 
  2. Memberships Access up to 35 reports for over 50% off individual prices (a $10,000+ value). Varies by membership plan



Is the data available for download?  

Download features and functions are available only in Pro Ecommerce Databases.   


Do the databases include sales by geographic area?  

Yes! Our Pro Ecommerce Databases provide web sales estimates on a variety of geographical regions around the world.  

Currently our Ecommerce Databases are not able to filter down to city or state levels.  


Is data available on specific industries? For example, filtering out select retailers, products etc. 

Yes! Our Ecommerce Databases include filtering and sorting features to help you target specific retailers, parent companies, technology vendors and merchant categories. 


Are offline sales included? 

Our Top 500, Top 1000 and Next 1000 Pro Ecommerce Databases provide both annual web sales and annual total sales.  

All other Ecommerce Databases offer annual web sales only. 


Is contact information included? 

No, we do not currently provide corporate contact information. 


Is product-specific sales data included? i.e. cleaning supplies sold by Target 

No, currently we do not offer sales metrics on specific products. 


Are non-U.S. databases available? 

Yes! In addition to North American ecommerce, we offer research and data on companies headquartered across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our Gobal Online Marketplaces ranking also covers digital marketplaces around the world. 


Are B2B databases available?   

Currently we do not offer B2B Ecommerce Databases but hope to include them in the near future.   

In the meantime, check out our Ecommerce in Manufacturing & Distribution Report which includes an extensive analysis of the B2B industry’s leading companies.     


Is it possible to mix and match companies and metrics?  

Yes! We can provide you with a target list either through a custom data pull or our Retailer Starter Kits.   

Contact us for additional information and a member of our sales team will be in touch.  


Is it possible to purchase a small subset of data or company profiles (as opposed to purchasing a full Ecommerce Database)? 

Yes! We provide custom data pulls for companies that are looking for specific data on a small subset of companies for projects that do not require full Ecommerce Databases access.  

Data pulls are handled on a case-by-case basis and include limited data metrics and company information. Contact us for additional information and a member of our sales team will be in touch.  


Are the sales figures provided for the parent company only or are they broken out into other brands owned?  

All Ecommerce Databases (except Global Online Marketplaces) include sales figures of the parent company only. For example, the web sales data provided for Gap Inc. includes the combined sales of all brands owned: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Intermix, Hill City and Athleta.  

The Global Online Marketplaces Database provides the gross merchandise value (GMV) for individual brands versus the parent company.   


Are reports customizable without downloading the data? 

Yes! Our Ecommerce Databases offer sort, filter and save features for easy future access and reporting. 


Technical Support 

Is technical support available? 

Contact us if you’re having difficulty accessing, logging in or downloading an item after purchase and a member of our team will be in touch.  


Payment & Return Policy 

What payment methods are accepted? 

We accept all major credit cards: Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, Discover and Maestro. 

Contact us if you require an invoice prior to your purchase or if you have any questions about payment.  


Are discounts available for groups, members of the military or students? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any discounts at this time.  


What is Digital Commerce 360’s return policy? 

Our Ecommerce Rankings are eligible for cancellation and full refund within 24 hours of purchase and only if you have not accessed the data.